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Farada Leather Accessories That Every Modern Gentleman Has To Have

Farada Leather Accessories That Every Modern Gentleman Has To Haves To Have

At Farada, we all strive to help you enhance your look and add an attractive finishing touch, whether by designing the finest Arabic sandals or stylish Farada accessories.

For this reason, our designers focused on different leather goods and excelled in creating exceptional and elegant pieces made from the finest types of leather tanned in one of the finest Italian tanneries.

In this blog, we will show you the must-have Farada leather accessories to enhance your elegance.

Farada Leather Wallet

Farada Wallet In Grained Leather

Farada Wallet In Grained Leather

Farada designers excel in creating stylish men's wallets. This modern bi-fold wallet is a symbol of luxury and good taste. They are made of premium, ungrained leather tanned in the finest Italian tanneries. This leather wallet has a slim design. It is also decorated with the Farada logo on the right side at the bottom, adding a touch of appeal.

All this is in addition to its convenient size, which makes it practical for daily use. This wallet is available in a range of great colors, including black, dark green, navy, and dark grey.

Wallet Made Of Soft Matte Leather

Wallet Made Of Soft Matte Leather

This high-end wallet is considered one of the most luxurious men's wallets. It is made of the finest Italian leather, which gives it the durability necessary to last with you for years. Its simple design and smooth matte leather enhance its elegance.

Plus, if you do not like wallets sticking out in your pocket, their simple, modern design makes them easy to carry without sticking out. This wallet also has a suitable storage capacity for cash, cards, and bills. It comes in various elegant and attractive colors, such as green, grey, black, and petrol.

Farada Leather Cardholders

Matte Leather Card Holder

Matte Leather Card Holder

Some people do not prefer to carry cash or bills with them and are satisfied with cards. In such a case, there is no need to take a wallet, but a cardholder will be a great and sufficient option. It is smaller and thinner than a wallet.

This Farada card holder for men is made of premium matte leather tanned in the best Italian tanneries, ensuring its durability and high quality. Its slim and sleek design also makes it practical to hold and use.

This card holder comes in black, olive, and tan.

Farada Leather Bracelets

Elegant Leather Bracelet For Men


Elegant Leather Bracelet For Men

This elegant leather bracelet from Farada has a unique look and attractive design. It is also made of premium genuine leather, which gives it more durability and elegance.

This braided design features a central buckle bearing the Farada logo - the letter F - adding a touch of luxury. It is also equipped with a hook for easy attachment and detachment on your forearms.

This leather bracelet comes in multiple colors that match different clothing colors, such as black, navy blue, olive, and dark grey.

Farada Braided Bracelet For Men

Farada Braided Bracelet For Men

This luxurious braided bracelet for men features a simple buckle in the middle that enhances its elegant and slim design. It is suitable for wearing with a watch on one forearm, or you can wear it alone if you wish. It is a stylish accessory you cannot afford to overlook.

This leather bracelet is available in navy, dark grey, black, and olive. It is also available in different sizes to suit all sizes.

Farada Mens Leather Utility Bags

Farada Genuine Leather Utility Bag For Men

Farada Genuine Leather Utility Bag For Men

The men's bag has become necessary nowadays because everyone needs to keep several items with him when going outside, such as a cell phone and charger, house and car keys, and perhaps a wallet so that it does not stick out in the pocket of pants or abaya, and other items. This enhances the importance of owning a men's bag.

This leather bag from Farada is made from the finest natural leather that enhances its durability and value. It also comes with a simple, elegant, and practical design. It also features a suitable storage space that can accommodate many items, and it includes a side handle for easy carrying.

If you want to keep your belongings safe everywhere you go, this stylish bag will meet your needs.

In Conclusion

The modern man needs some essential accessories that combine style and functionality. Farada has always strived to provide the best attractive accessories made from the finest leather to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Whether you want a valuable wallet, a practical card holder, an elegant leather bracelet, or a functional and versatile leather bag, you can submit an order through the Farada website, and you will receive free shipping to all parts of the United Arab Emirates.

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