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5 Essential Features Of Authentic Arabic Sandals

5 Essential Features Of Authentic Arabic Sandals

Arabic sandals are known for their distinctive features and must possess specific characteristics that set them apart from other types of footwear. However, due to the popularity and demand for these sandals, there is a growing concern about the presence of counterfeit products in the market. Some people have expressed dissatisfaction with their purchases of Arabic sandals because they do not have the essential features that should be available in Arabic sandals.

The issue may stem from the use of unreliable brands or the prevalence of counterfeit sandals that do not meet the expected standards. As a result, it is essential for consumers to be careful when purchasing Arabic sandals to ensure that they are acquiring a genuine and high-quality product.

For this reason, today, we will discuss five essential features that you should look for and ask about when buying original Arabic sandals.

Features Of Authentic Arabic Sandals

Cushioning And Comfort

Authentic Arabic sandals are designed to prioritize comfort above all else. To ensure maximum comfort, premium insoles and supportive footbeds are essential features.

That is why we have manufactured all our Mens Arabic sandals from Farada with the renowned Ortholite insole, which is celebrated for its exceptional cushioning, support, and ability to maintain maximum comfort even after prolonged wear. In addition, it takes the shape of the foot when worn, which also adds an element of flexibility.


Breathability is another added advantage of Arabic sandals over other types of shoes. If the Arabic sandal does not provide ventilation for the feet, it is not original.

The Ortholite insole with breathable technology is a testament to the quality of Farada sandals. It enhances ventilation, allowing your feet to breathe and preventing dermatitis caused by sweat and moisture. This feature also keeps harmful fungi and bacteria at bay, preventing unpleasant odors and blisters.

Furthermore, sweating feet may also cause them to slip or twist inside the sandal, raising the possibility of falling or injury. But when your feet are in a dry environment, they enhance your comfort and security as well.


Arabic sandals must be distinguished by their durability and high quality. This element can be achieved by making the sandal from premium genuine leather and containing high-quality inner and outer soles.

Remember that the durability of the sandal helps with sustainability due to reduced consumption and waste, and it also helps save your time, effort and money in searching for and purchasing other sandals after the current sandals are damaged.

At Farada, we make mens and Kids Arabic sandals from the finest genuine leather tanned in one of the finest Italian tanneries through a proprietary Farada process to ensure that the leather maintains its properties for as long as possible.

In addition to the Ortholite insole, all of our sandals include a TPU outsole. This material is characterized by its superior ability to resist abrasion and slip. Therefore, it will protect your pair of sandals from abrasion that results from friction, extending the life of the sandal.

Slip resistance is also an important feature to keep your feet on the surface when walking on smooth surfaces to avoid slipping.

Light Weight

Arabic sandals should be lightweight so that they do not strain your feet or feel heavy and dragging while wearing them. This is due to the quality of the materials used in making the sandals. High-quality materials are directly proportional to light weight so that you ultimately feel great freedom in moving your feet as if you were barefoot.

Ability To Maintain Easily

When you buy original Arabic sandals, you will want to maintain their new appearance for as long as possible, and this depends on the maintenance of the sandals. However, if the maintenance process is laborious and requires many steps and materials, this may mean that the sandal is not authentic.

In fact, natural leather does not require a lot of effort in cleaning it, as it is sufficient to pass a wet cloth over the leather constantly to clean any dirt or dust accumulated on it.

In Conclusion

When selecting original Arabic sandals, it is essential to consider five key criteria to ensure you make the best choice. These criteria include durability, ensuring that the sandals will withstand long periods of use; lightweight design for comfortable and easy movement; comfort, ensuring that the sandals provide a pleasant and supportive experience for your feet; breathability, allowing your feet to keep dry and not sweaty; and maintainability, making it easy to clean and care for the sandals.

To get the best value, it is recommended to buy from a reliable brand, preferably one that specializes in manufacturing high-quality Arabic sandals. By choosing a reputable brand, you can ensure that you are purchasing a product that meets the highest standards of quality.

Visit the Farada website to see the best Arabic sandals for men and kids and see other men's leather goods. You can order from all over the world.


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