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Ortholite Insoles Features And How Does It Revolutionized Footwear Comfort?

Ortholite Insoles Features

In 1997, Glenn Barrett established Ortholite, a well-known insole manufacturer in the USA. The company's main objective is to assist shoe brands in producing more comfortable and high-quality shoes for consumers. With their exceptional insoles, Ortholite has become a trusted name in the footwear industry, providing maximum comfort and durability to users.

Ortholite insoles have changed the global footwear industry in terms of enhancing comfort, sustainability, and performance for consumers through great features and characteristics, such as:

Ortholite Insoles Features

Providing A Dry, Moisture-wicking Environment

The vented foam of the Ortholite insole absorbs moisture easily and keeps feet dry and breathable. It is also anti-sweat and anti-bacterial, which prevents the formation of fungi and unpleasant odors.

Flexibility And Softness

The foam from which the Ortholite insole is made maintains its softness and flexibility for as long as possible. This is due to not using plasticizers that work to give the insole temporary flexibility. Instead, the foam is treated with a special technology to maintain its properties for the longest time.


The foam from which the Ortholite insole is made can absorb shocks and give the feet high and comfortable cushioning that has a positive effect on the back, knee, and waist joints and protects the feet as much as possible.

These unique properties make the Ortholite insole a breakthrough in the world of comfort footwear; In the past, the insole materials used by shoe companies were nothing more than regular foam as a padding material. They naturally compressed with use, did not allow for breathing, and caused the feet to sweat quickly and develop odors.

Ortholite Insole And Sustainability

OrthoLite, founded 26 years ago, is now a global organization with around 3,000 employees worldwide. The company is known as the world's leading supplier of open-cell foam technology. It is responsible for developing Ortholite Cirql, a patented alternative to traditional plastics that the company claims is the most sustainable circular choice in materials for shoe brand owners and their factory partners. In addition to its product offerings, Ortholite is committed to sustainable practices and was one of the first companies to prioritize using recycled rubber.

OrthoLite Products

Ortholite has introduced new formulations and innovations, such as the HybridPlus-Recycled insole, which is composed of 7% recycled rubber powder and 43% recycled polyurethane foam.

Ortholite has introduced this insole as part of its “Zero Waste” initiative to find solutions that are as sustainable as possible.

The Ortholite O-Therm insole is also considered the best insole for insulating heat and giving the feet the warmth they need in cold weather. This product is said to be the world's most insulating material, as well as waterproof, and the lightest material ever created by man; This insole weighs only three times as much as air.

If you are looking for long-lasting work boot insoles, Ortholite ESD Shield insoles are the perfect solution for you. These insoles are specially designed for work footwear or shoes that are worn for a long time. These insoles have Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) protection technology, which ensures your feet stay safe and comfortable all day long. In fact, the Ortholite ESD Shield insoles are the first and only insoles in the world to be manufactured using this technology.

Ortholite insole technologies are constantly evolving and improving. In 2022, Ortholite launched a groundbreaking product called the Ortholite Cirql insole. This insole stands out as it is the first insole ever to feature completely chemical-free foam. The Ortholite Cirql insole has been designed to significantly reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing processes. Because of this new technology, everyone can now enjoy the comfort and support of Ortholite insoles while knowing that you are also helping to protect our planet.

In Conclusion

Ortholite is always competing for and often winning industry awards. This year, the company received an Innovation Award nomination and an accolade in the “Best Insoles” category. OrthoLite Cirql was also selected as a finalist for the Sustainable Initiative of the Year award. This is not unusual for a company that revolutionized the world of footwear.

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