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The Role Of Shoe Materials In Promoting Healthy Foot Development In Children

The Role Of Shoe Materials In Promoting Healthy Foot Development In Children

Parents are often confused when buying shoes for their children, whether in terms of size, shape, or materials from which the shoes are made. Although children's style is important to parents, the importance of quality materials must be highlighted when choosing the right shoe to promote the healthy development of the child's feet.

Babies are born with soft, flexible cartilage and bones that gradually strengthen as they grow. Therefore, attention must be paid to their correct growth until puberty and to support the development of their feet healthily and safely to avoid them suffering from any health problems in their feet.

Steps To Consider When Choosing Children's Footwear

There are some key factors that you should not ignore when buying footwear for your child in order to keep their feet safe and protected:


Children's feet grow quickly, and they are very mobile. Therefore, shoes with flexible soles should be chosen to enhance the agility of their feet and not restrict their movement. The manufacture of sandals with flexible and high-quality soles distinguishes Arabic sandals for kids from Farada.


Children's feet sweat more than adults' feet because they move a lot and want to run and play. Therefore, ventilation is not optional here, but it is a must so that the child does not get a fungal or skin infection, to avoid lousy foot odors that are embarrassing for the child, and also to avoid the uncomfortable feeling of sweating, which may lead to itchy feet.

As such, parents should choose shoes and sandals made of high-quality leather and with premium soles that allow the feet to breathe. Farada children's Arabic sandals feature the Ortholite insole with breathable technology that helps the feet to be breathable and keeps the child's feet as dry and relaxed as possible.


Children usually do not realize the importance of maintaining their shoes as adults do, and with a lot of movement, running, and using their feet a lot in play, the footwear quickly spoils, which puts you in a cycle of searching for another one every short time. Therefore, the durability and quality of the footwear are crucial when choosing your children’s footwear.

You should choose footwear made of excellent materials that can withstand wear, as is the case with Farada children’s sandals, which include an outsole made of abrasion resistant TPU, in addition to fantastic leather that Makes sandals last long.


Just like flexibility, durability, and breathability, adequate support is also crucial, especially for children, due to frequent movement and physical activities. Shoes with supportive features such as cushioned insoles and sturdy outsoles provide stable comfort and protection against impact, reducing the risk of injury or sore feet. At Farada, Arabic sandals for kids are manufactured using the finest quality insoles and outsoles. Soft footbeds or extra cushions are also included for kids' sandals to cushion and support the kid’s feet adequately.

Premium Leather

Choosing kids' sandals with premium leather is not an extra choice. It is also mandatory for the elegance of the sandal and the comfort of the feet. The soft, flexible leather adapts to the child’s foot and molds to its shape to provide the right fit and complete comfort and enhance the kid’s walking. Farada uses the finest natural leathers tanned in the finest Italian tanneries, such as Soft Nappa leather, soft calf, high-quality matte leather, and soft unstructured hammered leather.


Your child will not be able to struggle with sandals or footwear that make his feet feel heavy and restrict his movement. Instead, this will hinder his correct way of walking and, thus, the proper development of his feet. Hence, you should always choose lightweight sandals for the child. All of Farada's sandals are lightweight, which is one of the important features of their sandals, whether Arabic sandals for men or children. This helps the feet avoid being restricted and makes them feel free to move.

Choose The Appropriate Size

This point may seem intuitive. When we buy shoes for a child, we choose the appropriate size for his feet. However, some parents prefer to buy baby shoes a size or two larger in case the baby's feet grow rapidly. This is not true. Choose the right size for your child's feet so they can easily move their feet forward when walking.

We are well aware that in light of the fast pace we live in, most parents prefer to shop for children's footwear online in order to save the great effort spent on shopping in stores, which exhausts parents and children alike. Here, you may face the problem of choosing the appropriate size. But at Farada, they offer us a simple way to find out exactly the right foot size in one minute.

You can learn more about this by reading the complete Shoe Size Guide On How To Measure Kids Foot.

In Conclusion

Parents should pay great attention when purchasing children's shoes and not overlook their exceptional importance for the child and for healthy and fit development of his feet. Some parents do not care about their children's footwear since they wear them out quickly and need new ones, so they opt for cheaper options to save money. However, this has a negative effect on the child's movement and foot muscles.

In addition, high-quality sandals and footwear are durable, long-lasting, and do not easily get damaged. We have found that the Farada brand provides all the necessary elements for a kid’s feet when making Arabic sandals for children. So, we have nominated it for you and explained the reasons for that.

The health and sound development of our children matter most to us, so do not forget that.


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