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Waxed Buff Leather: The Timeless Charm of Handcrafted Leather Sandals

Waxed Buff Leather: The Timeless Charm of Handcrafted Leather Sandals - Farada

Waxed buffed leather is considered one of the finest types of leather used in various industries. Due to its durability, high quality, and water resistance, waxed leather is often used to make leather furniture, clothing, accessories, shoes, and sandals. It is made by applying a thin layer of wax to the surface of the leather, spreading it with a sponge or brush, and leaving it to dry completely before the final polishing process.

At Farada, we use waxed buff leather to manufacture our elegant Mens Arabic sandals and kids Arabic Sandal because of their many benefits, which we will discuss today.

What Is The Difference Between Waxed Buff Leather And Fake Leather?

Before we get into the benefits of waxed leather, we need to be able to differentiate it from other types of fake leather to ensure that your money and effort are going to the right place. Please read the following points carefully to distinguish between them:

  • Arabic sandals made of waxed buff leather have a very soft and smooth feel, unlike fake leather, which feels plasticky and bumpy.
  • Waxed buff leather is waterproof, so it does not absorb water. On the other hand, faux leather quickly absorbs water and may form visible stains on the sandal if it encounters water.
  • The smell of waxed buff leather is natural. You probably won't inhale any scents if it doesn't smell good. On the contrary, fake leather smells like chemicals or plastic.
  • Waxed buff leather lasts for many years without being affected by external factors, while fake leather quickly cracks and becomes damaged from the slightest impact.

Features Of Waxed Buff Leather Sandals

Waxed buff leather has several characteristics that make it one of the best leathers ever, and also make it an excellent leather for making Arabic shoes and sandals, including the following:

Water Resistance

In the manufacturing process of waxed buff leather, it is treated with waterproof wax, which ultimately makes the sandal waterproof. This is an exceptional benefit, since it protects the sandal if it is exposed to rain or water due to any circumstances, protects it from damage, and always makes it look new.

Long Term

Waxed buff leather is a long-lasting leather that will last as long as possible without fading or cracking. This means that sandals made from it are a good investment because they remain usable for many years without the need to buy a replacement.


Sandals made of waxed buff leather are characterized by exceptional durability and flexibility that adds to their value. Which makes it the perfect choice for you. This is due to the addition of wax to the skin's surface. This gives it a protective barrier that protects it if it is exposed to dust or dirt. Therefore, the sandal remains durable and can withstand the rigors of external factors.


Environmental awareness has recently increased significantly, to the point that research has shown that consumers are willing to pay a greater amount of money for sustainable and environmentally friendly products. This is what distinguishes sandals made of waxed buff leather.

Apart from their durability, water resistance, and longevity, which reduce waste and manufacturing processes and promote the efficient use of resources, waxed leather sandals are treated with natural materials and free of chemicals and non-biodegradable materials.

Elegant Appearance

The smooth, shiny top layer gives the waxed leather a glamorous look that makes the sandals made from it look luxurious and elegant, enhancing the elegance of the wearer. Hence, sandals with waxed buff leather are not only durable and high-quality but also enhance the luxury and elegance of an outfit. It is also suitable for leisure outings, long walks, and even stressful travel days, depending on its appearance and excellent quality.

Easy Maintenance And Cleaning

When we start buying new products, we think about how to preserve them for as long as possible. If it is difficult to maintain, we may hesitate before purchasing it. But when it comes to waxed buff leather sandals, don't worry about cleaning.

Dirt doesn't usually stick to waxed leather, but you'll want to clean it. Then, you can use a damp cloth to clean, and soon, the dirt will disappear, and the shiny layer will be preserved.

Remember that you do not need to use detergents or chemicals or wash it under water for cleaning. A brush or a damp cloth will do the trick.

In Conclusion

Arabic sandals made of waxed buff leather are a testament to good quality and durability due to their unique characteristics and features, such as water resistance, softness, sustainability, longevity, and ease of maintenance and cleaning. This is in addition to its exceptional elegance and good looks.

Visit the Farada website to shop for the best quality Arabic sandals and see sandals made of waxed buff leather.


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