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Celebrate Eid in Style: Top Arabic Sandals Trends for 2024

Celebrate Eid in Style: Top Arabic Sandals Trends for 2024 - Farada

Who doesn't like Eid? We all wait for Eid to fill our days with joy and happiness. Eid is not only a religious occasion but an opportunity for friends and family gatherings and celebrations in the city streets with joyful traditions. What most distinguishes Eid is the acquisition of new Eid footwear, clothes, and accessories that renew our appearance and happiness. In the midst of this, Eid footwear styles play a pivotal role in completing our elegance and feeling of renewal.

In many cultures, including Arab cultures, shoes are not just an accessory but a reflection of cultural heritage, identity, and style. During Eid celebrations, people decorate themselves in their finest clothes, and the choice of footwear is of the essence here. With their rich history and cultural symbolism, Arabic sandals have become a popular choice for many people.

Because we always care about your elegance and enhancing your luxurious appearance, we brought you 6 Arabic sandals for Eid 2024 to combine tradition with creativity in every step you take.

Timeless Elegance: Arabic sandals Classic Designs

Arabic sandals are a classic style of footwear with cultural significance. Arabic sandal designs started in ancient Egypt, passing through the Arabian Peninsula, the markets of the Gulf and the Arab world until they became popular worldwide due to their elegance and the comfortable feeling they give to your feet, especially in the warm seasons.

Arabic sandals embody simple sophistication with their elegant simplicity and soft designs. They are also considered beautiful Eid footwear. Because - regardless of their elegance - they are practical shoes. You can wear Arabic sandals on formal and informal occasions, on Arabic clothing and other clothing styles, in addition to the possibility of wearing them day and night. These reasons make Arabic sandals adorn feet all over the world.

Contemporary Flair: Modern Interpretations

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, designers always strive to blend ancient designs of Arabic sandals with new designs by fusing classic styles with contemporary elements to create captivating and innovative designs. In the designs of Arabic sandals for men in 2024, Farada designers add modern features such as comfortable soles, modern buckles, advanced cushioning systems, and the use of the finest types of hammered, embossed, matte leather, etc. to create a wonderful collection of footwear that blends heritage seamlessly and creatively.

These make Arabic sandals a great choice for Eid footwear 2024. Whether you prefer classic or contemporary designs, Farada gives you many choices.

Color Palette For Eid 2024

As Eid approaches, you should choose your favorite colors of Arabic sandals that match your Eid outfit to complete the elegance of your festive outfit. In Eid sandals for 2024, it is also recommended to choose colors that are in line with fashion trends, such as earthy colors (such as desert yellow and beige), bold and bright colors (such as sky blue), combined colors (such as grey-blue), and natural colors (such as green and petroleum).

Also, pay attention to the texture of your clothes and sandals when color-coordinating, and mix different textures to add depth to your look. Ultimately, let your style and preferences guide your choice of sandal colors, whether you prefer bold and eclectic colors or simple and elegant.

Adornments And Complex Detailing

Arabic sandals are not merely footwear; they represent centuries of art, culture, and craftsmanship, given their long history. Arabic sandals reflect desert landscapes, Arab art, and Islamic architecture, so skilled craftsmen create self-designed items that add a personal touch and a sense of individuality to each pair. Buckles and metallic accents add charm and luxury to the sandals, making them perfect for special occasions. To put it in a nutshell, Arabic sandals are works of art you can wear.

Cultural Fusion In Sandal Styles

Arabic sandal fashion celebrates cultural inclusion and diversity. Designers draw inspiration for their designs from different Arab and international cultures and incorporate traditional styles into modern designs, which enhances diversity and cultural exchange. For example, designers draw inspiration from the intricate adornments of South African heritage, the stunning natural colors of South Asia, and the design itself from ancient Egyptian civilization and Arab heritage. This leads to a diversity of shapes and designs like the world's diversity.

As such, sandals become symbols of cultural heritage, expressions of identity, and platforms for cultural dialogue. Through fashion, people can connect with different cultures, learn from each other, and celebrate the beauty of diversity.

Top Arabic Sandals Trends for 2024


Farada men's Arabic Sandals give you a contemporary appearance and exact comfort because of the Ortholite foam sole with breathable technology for all-day comfort. It's one of the most comfortable insoles that offer long-term cushioning while creating a cooler, drier, healthier environment.

Each pair of Farada's unique Arabic leather sandals is beautifully hand-stitched with nubuck calf and soft unstructured leather. This sandal comes in stunning black, cobalt, desert, earth, light earth, navy, white, olive, and schist colors. This sandal's material, lightweight, and elegant look make it one of the best Eid sandals for 2024.



Farada's Classic Italian leather sandals are made in an exceptional Italian tannery using the finest leather with a python buckle design that adds a unique touch to your style. These men's Arabic sandals from Farada have the most comfortable Ortholite insole, keeping your feet breathable and dry for maximum comfort. These Arabic sandals, like navy, snake, and black, come in remarkable colors.

Furthermore, the Ortholite Insole in all Farada's sandals is lightweight, eco-friendly, has 98% recycled polyurethane foam manufacturing, and, most importantly, is incredibly breathable.


The exquisite workmanship of the Farada mens classic Arabic sandals is evident in its unlined, soft, hammered leather, created at an Italian tannery using a particular procedure. These casual sandals for men, which have the iconic Double F Trim, have a distinctive buckle that gives them a sophisticated look. These exquisitely hand-stitched sandals for men are made of soft calf and unstructured leather and include an ortholite insole with breathable technology for all-day comfort.

This mens iconic Arabic sandal is excellent Eid footwear, especially since it comes in various colors to suit any outfit (Asfalto, Atlantis, Beige, Bianco, Black, Cuoio, Old brown, Santorini, Sky-blue, Taupe).

If you are looking for fancy Arabic kids sandals for your child's Eid outfit, these sandals are also available for kids in startling colors (Bianco, Black, Navy, and Snake).


These leather sandals feature a remarkable Farada square buckle, adding an elegant touch to your Eid outfit. The design of this Arabic sandal makes it one of the best sandals for men. In addition, a comfortable, breathable Ortholite insole provides daily comfort. It is handstitched perfectly to ensure high quality in all details. Farada's artists make distinctive colors using a unique procedure (Black, Blue-Grey, Emerald, Navy, Schist, and sky-blue).

These men's Arabic sandals' square buckles are made in Italy from the highest quality nickel-free metals. Add it to your Eid footwear to enjoy elegance and comfort.


Farada classic sandals are made from soft, hammered leather that is unlined. The leather is manufactured using a special process in an Italian tannery. The sandals are adorned with an iconic V Trim buckle, which is nickel-free. Each pair of these Arabic sandals is laser-punched on the leather and then hand-stitched to perfection. The ortholite insole is breathable and provides all-day comfort. You can choose a color variety according to your outfit and preference (Black, Sabbia, Stone, and verde-militare).


Farada's Modern Classic sandals are made with unique craftsmanship using high-quality leather from an Italian tannery. These sandals are uniquely designed with an iconic Double F Trim buckle that adds luxury to their sophistication. The premium Arabic sandals look like reptile-embedded leather and are hand-stitched with perfection. The ortholite insole with breathable technology offers daily comfort, making these sandals perfect for everyday use.

These men's sandals' outsole is made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and has exceptional abrasion resistance, high flexibility, and biocompatibility, which gives security and stability while walking.


Arabic sandals are the perfect choice for Eid celebrations, combining tradition and contemporary flair. Their versatile designs offer a wide range of styles for formal occasions and everyday wear. The top Arabic sandals for Eid 2024 feature timeless elegance and modern sophistication, with features like Ortholite foam soles, Italian leather craftsmanship, and intricate buckle designs. The color palette emphasizes earthy tones, bold hues, and natural colors, allowing individuals to express their personal style while complementing their festive outfits.


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